About us

„Bern ist überall“ is a group of Swiss writers and musicians who are engaged in „spoken word“. They connect oral literature with musical expression on stage and the have been doing this for over ten years.

The multilinguistic aspect and the group dynamics are of a particular value for the group. The stories told on stage are given in French, Swiss German, German, Rhaeto-Romanic or in a mixture of all these idioms. The authors translate themselves, they speak simultaneously or they interpret their texts rhythmically to the music.

The “Language Tour“ is a chance for the group to expand their translinguistic activities. They wish to work together with linguistic artists and musicians in Kosovo. They are planning workshops in the country and shows in local theatres and music schools.

The Albanian language is also a big minor language in Switzerland. That is why the literary festival „woerdz“ in Lucerne, which is dedicated to spoken languages and takes place every second year, wants to invite a selection of artists from the Kosovo to Switzerland to take part in a language conference.